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About Maliera
Few About Us

The company was established to cater to ever growing needs for institutional buildings for middle-class Kenyans, who desire well-built structures and related civil works at a modest cost. The firm is also open to working with government and non-governmental organizations (NGOS) with building and civil engineering undertakings.

The use of new technologies is intended to remain our hallmark. To exemplify this, we encourage technology savvy professionals in the field of engineering and construction technology to join us with a view helping us adopt the relevant technologies for current and future jobs. We do not only want to be net consumers of the technologies but also contributors to the new knowledge through research and development in our organization.


Robert Odundo

Chairman and founder

Maliera Construction

Our Mission

To offer unmatched quality services to our clients by applying well established and researched engineering practices.


Our Vision

To be a World Class Construction and Engineering Organization. 


Our Values

  • Integrity.
  • Honesty.
  • Timelines.
  • Customer Satisfaction & Respect for our clients.

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