What Is the Supply Chain in Construction?
A very simple way to define a supply chain in construction is as a series of interconnected activities to procure, manage, and deliver materials necessary for the successful completion of a construction project. This includes everything from planning and sourcing to purchasing, transportation, warehousing, inventory management, and, finally, delivery to the job site.

A supply chain in construction is a more specific and detailed version of the general supply chain concept as it deals with the unique challenges and requirements of the construction industry.

Initially derived from the manufacturing industry, a construction supply chain is extremely complex and relies heavily on effective communication and collaboration between all parties involved.

The key reason is that too many players and processes are present in the chain, starting from the big-picture planning down to the smallest material details.  This includes not only the physical movement of materials but also the information flow between stakeholders – how much material is needed, when and where it needs to be delivered, and how changes or delays should be communicated. A well-working construction supply chain ensures that materials are available when and where needed, enabling the project to progress smoothly and on schedule. 

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